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E-Commerce: The Emerging Opportunity

“The E-commerce Industry Is A Force That No Investor Can Afford to Ignore”

Statics from different market research companies keeps pouring on internet everyday and summary of these reports shows that Ecommerce done right will not only return your investment but also be a consistent source of X% profit every year (Depending upon your approach and strategy). 

It doesn’t matter if you sell services, products or a mix of both. Customers are going to come to you with the expectation and your company’s growth will likely be on the line. There are certainly advantages and pitfalls to being an early adopter, but regardless of how you view the cost-to-benefit ratio, it’s imperative to understand the dynamics and concepts of e-commerce and how those relate to your business.

Why Should You Consider Ecommerce as a Investment Opportunity?

Projections from eMarketer are showing rapid growth through 2018. This year is expected to increase at least $1.6 trillion and by the end of 2018, almost $2.5 trillion. In the U.S. alone, ecommerce growth is anticipated to be somewhere between 11.6 and 16.5 percent from 2013 to 2018.

According to Internet Retailer, nearly 70% of B2B buyers prefer instant online payment instead of purchase orders and invoices, especially as online payment forms, like PayPal, become more common in B2B e-commerce.

When Should You Consider E-Commerce For Your Business?

Today. Now. As soon as possible.

Ecommerce is on its peak as an emerging opportunity and new opportunities are presenting themselves everyday. We will advise you not to wait, Get into it right away.

A Ecommerce website is easy to get up and running, thanks to all technology platforms available for quick setup. Work on a business model and start talking to right peoples for setting up things for you in a right way.

What Are Your Options?

For a company or individual to establish e-commerce, it doesn’t need a full catalog of services or products available online for ordering. We recommend targeting some low-balling fruit in offerings and putting those online. It can be a part, optional accessories or supporting services that are low-touch and perhaps high volume purchases. Test, review and learn from this initial step to then better gauge how customers will adopt it.

That is a good start point, Later you can work on it and make constant tweaks to your Business and introduce new things into them.

Try out new products and pricing models or new supporting marketing tactics online first before you take them offline. 


Do not wait to dip your toes in water for long. Contact Us today for a Free Consultation. We would be glad to hear and brainstorm with you.

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