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Features that appear on Snap Map

"Now, you can trace people’s location using Snapchat’s new Snap Maps feature "
Snapchat has built a whole new way to explore the world. Yes, with the new feature ‘Snap Map’, you can see what’s happening, find friends and get inspired to go an adventure.
Using ‘Snap Map’, users can simply access the location of their friends by pinching the screen when the camera mode is opened within the app. The map will show your friends where you are hanging out (with your permission).
Your Bitmoji character will identify your location. If you do not want to share your location, you can keep ‘Ghost Mode’ that lets you remain subtle. In addition, the Snap Map also showcases events nearby and beyond, highlighting snaps that bring you right to the middle of the action. Users can add to the map by selecting the ‘our story’ button once they take a snap.
However, the snap map will be available when you update your app. When your friends share their location with you, their Actionmoji will appear on the map. These action emojis will be updated when you open Snapchat.
The Bitomojis are called ‘Actionmojis’ according to Snapchat and they come out when Snapchat pulls in things like your location, the time of day, or your speed of travel. When you do not use the app, this feature does not track any of those things. You can trace your friend’s location and so on when you are active in the app.
Here are some of the features that appear on Snap Maps:
  • People sleeping

When you are not active on the Snapchat, it can tell you are asleep based on the duration of your inactivity and the time of day. Then, your Actionmoji will appear showcasing like that you are in a sleepy state on an armchair.

  • People flying

Snapchat looks at your altitude and showcase planes on your Snap Maps when you are flying.

  • People listening to music

The Snap Map also identifies when you plugged into the jack. When you start listening to music, your Actionmoji will don a tiny pair of headphones.

  • People on the beach

People who are chilling out at the beach can be shown with a towel over one shoulder.

  • People driving

Snap Map also tells when you are in a car as the map looks at the speed at which you are traveling. When you're snapping in the backseat, your Actionmoji will appear in a yellow car.

Aren’t these features, cool?

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