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Here is Great News for Pokémon GO Lovers

Here is Great News for Pokémon GO Lovers: Check out -New Gym Features, Items, & More"

Pokémon Go has shaken the world and everyone became an addict of this game. Is n’t it? This game has become one of the top rated and most popular games worldwide. Android and iOS users can download it free.
Pokémon Go is a game that uses your phone’s GPS and also clock to sense where the game player is within the game. It then invokes a Pokémon to ‘appear’ around you within your phone screen. You have to find out them and these Pokémon series and games happen in a world occupied by noticeably potent monsters. These game monsters can appear as dragons, rats, snakes, birds, eggs, trees, dinosaurs and even swords.
Now, this game has come up with an interesting and biggest update. Check out the Pokémon Go’s new gym features, items & more here:
New Gyms:
This game tracks the location of the player and forces people to travel to various locations called PokeStops and Gyms. These PokeStops and Gyms are the real-world destinations.
Pokémon Gym: It is a real-world location where Trainers/players must physically travel to, in order to battle another Pokémon. If your location is near a Pokémon Gym, then Trainers or players will be coming to your doorstep. If you have one near you, you probably already know it.
With new gyms:


è Only one Pokémon will be allowed at a time. No gyms will be filled with ten Dragonites or maxed-out Blissey armies.
è All six slots will be opened when a gym is conquered and each gym can now hold up to six Pokémon.
è Instead of fighting them from weakest to strongest, now you will fight with Pokémon in the order which they were added to a gym.
è All six Pokémon are shown at once when they are occupying a gym, trenching the goofy old interface that showed one at a time.
è Pokémon will lose their combat power when they lose ‘motivation’ over time or when they are defeated.
è When a Pokémon’s motivation hits zero, they leave the gym. Any player on the same team can feed a gym’s Pokémon berries to lift their motivation.
è With this new update, each gym will have a badge and you can earn up to the level from Vanilla -> Bronze -> Silver -> Gold.
è There is another option like ‘Spinning’ gyms if you like a Poke Stop.
è Gyms will give you a Raid Pass once in a day.
Cooperative Raids:
è You will find a glowing egg on top of a gym and a countdown floating just above it.
è The egg hatches when the countdown hits zero.
è An ultra rare Pokémon emerges — a Tyranitar, let’s say. It contains some high combat power.
è When a raid starts, players can get a bonus to owning a gym.
 If you win, you can catch that Pokémon. You will be awarded a number of premium balls after a battle. The number of premier balls you get, you will get those number of chances to catch a defeated raid boss.
You would be placed in a public lobby made up of other nearby devices, when you tap into a raid. You can also generate a private lobby code and carry out on the raid with your crew. On the other hand, raids will roll out over a few weeks (high-level players will see them first), starting at sponsored gyms.
New Items:
The other new items can be obtained through raids:
Rare Candy:  To develop a Pokémon in Go, you require a bunch of Pokémon’s candy, which you can get by catching more of that Pokémon. Rare Candy will work for any Pokémon.
Golden Razz Berries: These are like Razz Berries, and they increase the probability of your Pokémon to stay in a Pokeball. These are effective and can be refilled in a gym.
Fast TMs and Charged TMs permanently teach Pokémon a new attack.
Are you a Pokémon fan? Why not experience the latest updates of this game?
Come on, it’s your turn, to play the game now!!!!!
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