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Know Your Website Lifespan

Decode: Lifespan of website

“How is my website doing? Is it time to make some changes on website? How long is my website going to last me? “These questions must have crossed your mind at a time or two if you have a functional website.

For example, if you haven't updated your site in the last 2-3 years, it's most likely not responsive in the way that is required by todays devices. Not only will you be missing out on the opportunity to convert the massive amount of mobile users, but you could even be penalized by Google in search results.

Here are few factors for you to decide if your website needs a modification soon.

  • When did you launch your website?
  • Does it have a smoother content management system?
  • Is your website is keeping up with your services or products?
  • Is it mobile and tablet responsive?
  • Does your website still represent your brand?
  • Your website traffic has increased or decreased in recent time?

On the basis of these questions, one can identify if one is in dire need or no need of website modification. Website and marketing traits changes time to time, It is important to keep up with changes to make sure that your competitor is not hackling on your market.

How to extend the lifespan of your website

Here are a few tricks to reversing the aging process:

  • Content Upgrading: Adding new content regarding your service or product can give your website a much needed uplift. New images, videos or even new blogs are great of keeping your website up-to-date.
  • UI/UX 
    • Site navigation is very important part, make information easily accessible.
    • Redesign your homepage for attracting new customers.
    • Add a new template or new layout to your website
    • Take your visitors in-out pages and work on a strategy with google analytics. Google analytics goes long way.

What is the Average Lifespan of a Website Design?

The fact is that there is no set rule for how long a website should last. However, if you are keeping up on technologies or working with a web provider; you can generally expect 2-4 years out of your website. If your website goes untouched, the lifespan drops to 12-18 months.


Design and technology are continuing to change at warp-speed, and it is more important than ever to offer your customers a great experience on your site. With the advent of everything being online, it has raised the bar for design excellence, and users make judgment calls about your product or service based on the experience of your website.

Don't treat sites with a "don't fix it if it isnt broke" mentality. Not only will it lead to more costly updates down the road, but it may cost your business thousands of opportunities a day.

You can make changes on your website on your own, but we at Success Key advice you to work with a web agency to get professional guidance and industry updates. Contact Us for free consultation.

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