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The word “Refugee” may not sound so impactful. But, have you ever wondered how it will be if you or your family face persecution or terror? Yes, no or maybe! Every day we see wars across nations and genocidal attacks on humanity. It is terrible when people have to fight in their homeland and flee across borders for survival.

Social media has been very influential. It has changed the way we see the world. This video #MoreThanARefugee is an initiative of YouTube to bring out the untold stories of survivors and refugees who are facing tough social issues around them and still managing to smile at life. These video creators are trying to create a wave of positive social change across the globe.

Catherine, a Refugee from Uganda, finds happiness by playing football in spite of the being dispersed from her whole family due to rebellious attacks in Sudan. Running to save a life is not easy.

Look at Maryam, the girl from Serbia has faced tremendous trauma in this small age. Yet she has so much life in her and is able to smile.

Hasan from Greece who got displaced due to Palestine war is spreading the love with kids by making things for them. He has found his way of adjusting to life even after immense sufferings in life.

It is really heart-melting to see the innocent faces who have faced the horrific situation and living as refugees. Sleeping in forests, going out of food and water, living amidst scary creatures, leaving the loved ones to die behind, and running with the fear of death every moment, all these need a strong heart to withstand the pains.

Countries like the US have always been known provide refuge to such migrants. Though the current scenario might be different from earlier due to security reasons, yet it has been a sad news for hundreds and thousands of refugees who flee for their lives.

YouTube’s Ovation to Refugees Around the World

Recently, the International Rescue Committee collaborated with some YouTube video creators with an intention to learn about the refugees across the globe and know their unheard stories. Because, when stories have heard things tend to change for the better.

Technology can do good and bad. It’s your choice to pick one. With #MoreThanARefugee, YouTube Creators for Change intends to combat hate speech, oppose xenophobia and raise voice against extremism.

[Visit YouTube’s Official Blog for more info on this YouTube’s mission.]

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