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The Ultimate Guide: How to Launch Your Website.

“Without a launch plan, you’re publishing content for nobody.”

Launching a website is an exciting assignment. There’s a lot to accomplish, a ton of details that can’t be overlooked, and multiple people who need to work together as a team. Successfully launching a website demands months of preparation, perseverance, and dedication.


Before you officially launch your website, you can already begin the marketing process for your site by creating and promoting a pre-launch “coming soon” teaser page. People love to know in advance of the next big thing, so if you can convince people that what you’re creating is worth paying attention to and you create an environment of anticipation, creating this page will be well worth the effort.

a. Let your visitors know what you’re doing.

b. Spark some interest.

c. Capitalize on that interest by capturing email addresses..


Offers provide the opportunity for your brand to be remembered by potential customers who might have otherwise visited your site, left, and forgotten about you. Many a time We've downloaded interesting offers from websites and ended up forwarding them to friends, colleagues, or clients when we thought they'd be interested in the content as well.

  1. You've increased the likelihood of being remembered down the road
  2. You've increased the likelihood of having your company marketed for free



You want to have a professional looking website when you launch your new website. The worst thing that could happen would be that you launch, and people who visit never comes back again.

You could easily find a premium theme that would solve this problem for you, at a shoe-string budget or better yet, Hire a agency to design a good looking website for you!!


  1. Superior Brand Style

Have a style guide for your business. Have specific colors and design your graphics (for your blogposts/ products/ social media updates) in a consistent manner across all your content.

  1. Superior Website Design

We can not stress it enough on a good website design for your UX as well as Brand. Your website is the reflection of your company, you need to make a good impression for your visitors to come back to you.

  1. Superior Content

here are different ways to make your content stand out from the crowd:

  • Length (I’ve seen content creators succeed with ultra long and super comprehensive hallmark content. Others opt for shorter posts that’re highly actionable and brings fast results. BOTH WORKS!)
  • Format (Webinars, podcasts, videos, challenges.. You dream it, people digest it.)
  • Tone (Formal? Honest? Selling a lifestyle? Inspirational? Personal? No-fluff? Creative?)
  • Data
  • How it looks

5. Promotional Plan

In this world of intangibles and endless competition, branding is everything. Your name, logo and URL need to stand out from the crowd and really ‘mean something’. It is important to start with 4 or 5 quality articles, You need to have some information to share with your email subscribers and they should be happy to hear from you.

  1. Blog/Content Strategy:
  2. Digital PR and partnering
  3. Viral videos and guerrilla marketing
  4. Online Advertising

Once adopted and effectively running it should be further extended and enhanced. What you need now is good content to engage visitors, clarity on exactly what your brand is and what your business is about, and some eyeballs to your site. 


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