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Virgin Mobile collaborates with Apple, offers unlimited services at $1

For all iPhone lovers, Virgin Mobile USA has made an exciting announcement that it’s collaborating with Apple to become an iPhone-only service provider. Soon the company will be activating its services in Apple’s stores. To mark off the beginning of this, Virgin will be offering one year of unlimited talk, text and data services at $1. The offer is effective till 31st July 2017.
However, the offer has some limitations. It is valid for those who buy an iPhone and port their number to Virgin’s InnerCircle plan. And, the provider will also deprioritize the customers whose data usage exceeds 23GB of during the billing cycle. Simply put, the company will regulate the bandwidth when the network is constrained.
In addition to unlimited data, talk, and text, the plan also includes 800 voice minutes and 100MB data on domestic roaming. Exceeding this boundary, Virgin may terminate its free offerings without any notice. The offer is surely going to notably attract new sign-ups.
The service provider believes that new as well as existing customers are expected to stick around with its services when it will transition from this attractive offering to its regular plan pricing. The company may kick in its $50 per month plan later which will need AutoPay.
Virgin is now selling iPhone SE, 6, 6s, 6s Plus, 7 and 7 Plus at retail prices on its website. The iPhone 6 32 GB, SE 32 GB and 128 GB models are offered at a lesser price than offered directly by Apple. The partnership with Apple has officially made Virgin Mobile the first iPhone only service provider in the US. So, now you can avail Virgin services at Apple stores as well.
Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group, said that “Virgin has always looked to shake things up and challenge the status quo in any sector we go into. Mobile is no exception and with Virgin Mobile USA, we’ve now worked with Apple to create a compelling offer for our new Inner Circle plan. Simply put, when you buy an iPhone you will get the highest quality device and service plus access to an array of Virgin experiences and offers with our group of companies.”
The company aims to better compete with its rival providers such as T-Mobile’s MetroPCS and AT&T’s Cricket Wireless. It will also challenge the budding brands like Google’s Project Fi.

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